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Ganders and Fraunfelder Lineage from Johann Ganders (1818) and Jakob Fraunfelder
(1823) to 2015
Ganders emigrated from Switzerland with John Jakob "J.J."  and Leah Gander family in 1884.
Fraunfelders emigrated from Switzerland with Reinhard "Papa" and Frieda "Mama" Frauenfelder family in 1923.
Spelling changed by families after arriving in America
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Jakob Frauenfelder Ancestors, 1650-1850, Switzerland
Gander Ancestors, 1770-1605, Switzerland

Willie Gander  (1526) Oldest direct confirmed Ganders lineage - Balthaser Gander Ancestors
Gander in Midieval Times
Commanders of the Castle?

Likely (but unconfimed) Gander lineage prior to Willie Gander, who was the father of six sons including Christian (1552):

Swiss records indicate Gander families in Saanenland in 1324 and 1353.
 Records from1474 ande 1500 note that Willhelm Gander was a Chatalain or Chatelain, a noble rank in Midieval times derived from the Latin word for "Castle."  In earliest times, it referred to the "commander of the castle," but had very different meanings in different European locations and did not always refer to a high ranking official. Austrian counts often exercised power in Switzerland to the disadvantage of chatalins.
The title was apparently passed from father to son.
Peter Gander was recorded as a Chatalain in 1511.
Johann Gander was a Chatalain in 1514 and 1522.
A Christian Gander was a Chatalain at a later date. We are not sure if it is the Christian Gander in the family tree above.

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